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How does it work?

The bracelet and the app are based on distance.

Each time the bracelet goes out of the range you set up in the app (10-40 meters,

30-130 feet), a warning will appear on your phone.

If you left your child in the car, you will be notified that you are moving away from him.

If your child enters the pool or ocean without your knowledge, when you are in the area, you will receive an alert so that you can save him.

If your child is out of the range supported by the application, you can click the "Report absence" button. As soon as your child gets in range of another Barkid user, you will get your child's location on a map, with directions to the user's location.

Additionally, when your child is out of range, you can view the last place he seen before going out of range.

Our service watches over your children, keeps them close by and safe, and prevents them  getting lost or disappearing in crowded areas.

Can I connect to a bracelet by 2 or more devices?

How can I stop the false alerts from being received in closed area?