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The Barkid Service

The bracelet and the app are based on distance. Each time the bracelet which is worn by your child, leaves the range that you have preset in the app (10-40meters/30-130ft), an alert will be received on the parent's phone. If you left your child in a vehicle, you will be alerted that you are moving further away from him. If your child goes in to the pool or the ocean without your knowledge, when you are in the area, you will be alerted so that you can save him. If your child has left the range supported by the application, you can click on the "Report Missing" button and once your child approaches another Barkid user, you will receive your child's location on a map with the ability to navigate to the user's location. In addition, if you child moves out of the range of the app, you will be able to see the last place he was seen before he left the range. Our service watches over your children, keeps them safe and close always and prevents you from losing them in crowded places.

  • When you are not paying attention

    Barkid will remind you that your child is leaving your preset range with alerts that will prevent him from getting lost in crowded places, or sink in pool or in the ocean

  • Even when you are abroad

    The service will protect your child in a foreign country as well

  • Last location

    Have you gone for a walk with your child and missed the Barkid alerts? Now you will know where your child was last seen at the click of a button

  • Even when you get out of the car

    With the Brakid bracelet you will never forget your child in the car

About the bracelet

Fun for the kids, peace of mind for the parents
No GPS or SIM card needed

Brarkid does not include the radiation associated with other GPS clocks. Our bracelet can be worn 24/7 at any age and without fear!

No need to charge

A year’s worth of continuous battery life

Water and dust resistant

your child can play with the bracelet  in the sand or in the pool

  • In the ocean and in the pool

    If your child enters the water with the Barkid, you will receive a disconnect alert while you are still in the area and can save him quickly.

  • So you do not forget

    So that you do not forget your child in the car or at the playground, and so that you do not forget to put the bracelet on your child, Brakid lets you activate reminders on the settings screen.

  • If you were not paying attention

    If you did not notice the app alerts and your child is already out of range, you can see the last place your child was seen at while the application was in range.

  • A network for finding lost children

    Barkid allows you to report your child as missing and to help other Barkid users locate them.

    As users of Barkid, you also become partners in the network for locating children of other parents who need you.

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